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Types of Content Hotels Should Create

There’s a wide variety of content your hotel can create depending on the time and resources, including photography, quality writing and social media.

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January 2, 2019

There’s a wide variety of content your hotel can create depending on the time and resources at your disposal. In most cases, you won’t need to put tons of money towards your content strategy– great photography, quality writing and expertise in social media will be enough to get started.

Blog Posts

Shown by Marriott Traveler, quality blog content can transform your web traffic and marketing success. A blog is often one of the fundamental pieces of a hotel’s content marketing plan. 

Consider what questions tourists and potential guests have about your area. Blog posts should provide answers. Informative posts can provide restaurant recommendations, travel tips in your city, and help guests plan their trip.  

Putting out useful blog content on a consistent basis will showcase your hotel as an expert in your local area. This will improve your search engine performance, draw traffic and leads from people planning out trips, and lead to an archive of useful information for those visiting your website.

Social Media Posts

Being active on social media will increase the awareness of your hotel and draw in more bookings. When it comes to creating social media content, there’s no shortage of options. Posting quality pictures of rooms, amenities, and your hotel’s general location is a great way to draw people in and sell the experience. Consider using the pictures that photographers post in your town/city, although remember to always get permission before reposting anything. 

Social media is also a place to share positive reviews and guest experiences. Finding five star reviews that encapsulate what makes your hotel special and using them as captions is another way to showcase the experience you offer. 

Hone in on the most important social media platforms and post with consistency. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all places to interact with past guests and post what your hotel has to offer. Post content and strategies will vary across all three platforms.


A hotel newsletter can enhance your relationship with guests. Putting together a quality list is crucial–you want to make sure it reaches the correct group of people. Having a sign-up sheet on your website is one way to reach visitors: entice them with a content offer, whether it’s travel tips in the location they're interested in or a discount at your hotel’s restaurant. 

For independent hotels, encouraging past guests to sign up is another great way to increase the reach of your newsletter. Providing valuable information to past guests will make them more loyal to you, and keep your hotel in their mind for the next trip.

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