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Jeremy Greenberg featured on The Agency Toolkit Podcast

Jeremy Greenberg was featured on The Agency Toolkit Podcast. Jeremy talks with host Julia McLaughlin about building 97 Switch.

97 Switch
97 Switch
October 19, 2022

Jeremy Greenberg, founder of 97 Switch, was featured on The Agency Toolkit Podcast. Jeremy is not only the founder of 97 Switch, but also the Managing Director, which he started in 2013 out of a passion for solving digital marketing problems. In the episode, Jeremy talks with host Julia McLaughlin about sales strategies, the journey of building 97 Switch, and challenges he’s had to overcome along the way.“The reason why we have won these awards is we really do focus on taking care of people and making people happy,” Greenberg said. “We are doing what we say we are going to do and that has allowed us to break through the noise.”

The Agency Toolkit Podcast discusses stories, strategies and techniques to help you build a successful and profitable digital marketing agency. Their episodes contain inspiring conversations with CEOs and entrepreneurs and leave you with actionable tips, ideas and strategies you can implement into your business today. 97 Switch is a nationally-recognized agency based on a desire to help people tell their stories through powerful digital marketing experiences. 97 Switch specializes in marketing, web design and development, and strategy. Based in both Chicago and Portland, we work with a variety of businesses across the United States.

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