5 Killer Content Marketing Ideas

Change in the digital world is inevitable, but there are ways to create compelling content marketing that will remain effective.

97 Switch
97 Switch
February 17, 2022

Creating content for marketing efforts can be challenging. There are constantly new trends appearing that are important to stay on top of. Change in the digital world is inevitable, but there are ways to create compelling content that will remain effective even as changes arise.

Creating killer marketing content starts with devising a baseline strategy. Select a few approaches––or angles to focus on––and stick to those as you flesh out your content. We’ve highlighted a few killer content marketing ideas to help spark an idea.

Tailor content to the audience

5 Killer Content Marketing Ideas - Tailor content to audience

The key to strong content marketing is knowing the intended audience and tailoring the content to it. A good place to start is by defining exactly who the target audience is. Considering physical characteristics, such as age and gender, can be a good place to start when defining the audience. Location and interests are other characteristics that can help narrow down the target audience.

Once you’ve identified the audience, it’s time to match the marketing content accordingly. For example, certain audiences might enjoy receiving custom mailer boxes with welcome goodies from your company. Others might appreciate a simple email once a month with updates and discount codes. From there, you’ll likely see increases in ROI and the relationship between your brand and the consumer will strengthen.

Be consistent

5 Killer Content Marketing Ideas - be consistent

Consistency is another important part of creating effective content. Studies have shown that the more regular the content is produced, the more likely it is to be successful. Consistency builds credibility, and can help establish and strengthen the relationship between your brand and the consumer. It also helps you analyze how your current marketing strategy is working, and what changes may need to be made.

The more interpersonal aspect of consistency is important, but so, too is the economic aspect. Brands that are consistent in their messaging and branding are worth 20% more than those with inconsistencies.

Develop a unique voice

5 Killer Content Marketing Ideas - develop unique voice

In a similar way to how consistency is important, it’s also important to develop a distinct voice for your brand. The more unique and defined the voice is, the more likely it is that it will capture consumers’ attention. Personality is a strong factor in deciding how consumers interact with content: 40% of consumers said memorable content makes brands stand out on social media. Blogs are another great asset for developing and strengthening brand voice.

The personality of a brand is established and reflected in its messaging. Both personality and messaging, then, are rooted in the brand’s voice. It can spark familiarity for consumers, and help attract and maintain their attention.

Make it visually appealing

5 Killer Content Marketing Ideas – make it visually appealing

The importance of creating content that is visually appealing cannot be understated. In general, content that includes an image performs better than if no image is included. People are 65% more likely to remember a post if an image was included. Tweets that include visuals are three times more likely to get engagement.

Incorporating visuals into your marketing strategy is important, but so is the kind of visuals you use. Ensure the images shared reflect your brand personality and are consistent with your brand voice. Just as consistency is important when it comes to the content you share, it’s also important that it is visually appealing. If you’re unsure where to start, establishing a color palette and a series of fonts to use across all visual content can be a good starting point.

Craft content around problem-solving

5 Killer Content Marketing Ideas - craft content around problem solving

A lot of successful ad strategy is rooted in problem solving. To create content that will solve consumers problems for them, you can combine all of the previous four tips. Hashtags can help consumers find your content; when it’s tailored to their needs they’re more likely to engage with it; and if they find your brand voice compelling, they’ll stick around. Brand voice in particular can be helpful in solving consumer’s problems for them if the content uses language that the consumers themselves are using.

Developing content around solving consumer problems helps establish trust between you and the audience. Once trust is built, your brand’s authority on a given subject is strengthened.

Key takeaways

5 Killer Content Marketing Ideas - key takeaways

Branding matters when it comes to creating marketing content that will stand out and accelerate business growth. Whether through hashtags or development of a brand voice, your brand image can be a good place to use as a foundation as you start crafting strong content. Even as the digital world continues to bring countless changes, some basic principles and practices can help content perform well regardless.

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