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Types of Emails that Hotels Should Send

While hotels owned by a larger chain corporation won’t have much control over their email strategy, independent hotels do.

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October 4, 2019

While hotels owned by a larger chain corporation won’t have much control over their email strategy, independent hotels do. When it comes to email, there’s an array of options depending on your marketing goals. Emails can be created to enforce brand awareness, turn leads into bookings, or simply make life more convenient for your guests before their stay. These are all types of emails that independent hotels should consider sending.

Pre-Arrival Emails

Once your guest has booked their stay, there are a few pre-arrival emails that should be sent for their convenience. A confirmation email should be sent immediately after the booking is made. This should confirm their check-in and check-out dates, provide clear instructions to the hotel, and include any other helpful information such as nearby events, restaurants, etc. Less emphasis should be put on upselling or promoting during the confirmation email–just include information your new guests will find useful.

The preference email is a chance to upsell. If your hotel offers services such as a spa, bar, or restaurant, this email is a chance to let future guests know what you offer before their stay. Provide information on any special deals happening during their stay and include a call to action.

The pre-arrival email functions in a similar manner to the confirmation. Sent out the day before check-in, this should provide any other information your guest needs to know about the hotel and remind them the time they are checking in.

Post-Stay Emails

A thank you email can be sent immediately after check-out. Independent hotels can automate these in a similar manner to corporations and provide a receipt of the stay and encourage guests to book again on their next visit. Also consider requesting for feedback here: link to Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google Reviews. Encourage guests to share their positive experiences at your hotel. This can also be another place to promote your newsletter.

Post-stay, your hotel newsletter can keep guests aware of your brand and enforce loyalty. Provide helpful content about traveling and helpful information on your hotel’s location. An effective call-to-action should be included in each newsletter–as your list grows and you work to improve your C.T.R, this will lead to more and more bookings.

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