4 Ways that Email Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow

Email marketing is one of the most underrated marketing tools, here are 4 ways that email marketing can help your business grow.

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July 12, 2022

Email marketing is one of the most underrated marketing tools. It’s extremely effective, in fact around 59% of people say email marketing influences their decisions when making a purchase. Need more convincing? Here are 4 ways that email marketing can help your business grow.

Increase brand recognition


Email marketing is one way to use brand images and create fresh content for your potential customers. Your copy should establish a style and tone for your brand. Speaking in the same way across all your marketing efforts is important to establishing a brand persona. Doing this can help your company stand out from the competition and become more recognizable. When people think of your industry and products, you want them to picture your brand first. For example, when you think of tissues, you probably think of Kleenex. By staying top of mind like this, you create a loyal customer base and sell more products. However, this is only accomplished if you are consistent with your scheduling in addition to your branding, so that people can count on when they will hear from you. If you are inconsistent, there is no way that people can look forward to your content and form a relationship with your brand. One email every few weeks won’t cut it. Consistently emailing customers on a schedule helps people know what to expect, and keeps you on their mind more frequently.

Build stronger customer relationships


Creating a strong relationship with your customers is the best way to create loyalty and establish repeat business. It is also another way to create a brand that people like and trust. Your emails should be filled with information to educate or entertain your readers. When you provide value to them, you establish credibility. This builds a relationship where they trust you and know what to expect from you. Another way you can create a relationship is by giving email subscribers exclusive access to certain types of content, or to discounts on your product or service. This creates excitement, which makes it more likely that they will associate those feelings with your brand. One thing that is unique about email marketing is that you can create smaller segments of your audience. Examples of audience segments could be groups of people who have beginning, intermediate, and advanced knowledge about your company. You can also separate the segments based on how often your customers make purchases from you, or any other categories that make sense for your campaign. By using an email service, you can separate your readers into categories and send out tailored emails to each segment, which makes it more personalized.Including first names in the first part of your email is also a great way to personalize your emails. This can be accomplished easily with an email service such as Mailchimp. The more personal connections you build with your customers, the better.

Drive sales


Any time you are creating an email campaign you should have a sales funnel in mind. Emails are a great place to include calls to action and links that lead to your website. By creating a clear path for users to take you can increase your sales. There are a few ways to create this journey for your potential customers, including by offering discounts and coupons. This helps you encourage clicks to your website by driving traffic that has the intent to purchase. You can also include relevant links to your blogs or other resources you offer where people can learn more about the topic. As long as you are clear about what action they should take, readers can be directed exactly where you want.

Research your audience


The better you know your audience, the better you can serve them and see more conversions. Most automated email services will provide you with data concerning those emails. You can see open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics. This is valuable to help you understand and research your audience. You can learn what they are interested in and if your sales funnel is working. It can help you tailor your message to speak more directly to your audience, and see more success in all your marketing efforts across the board.

Key takeaways


Email marketing is an efficient way to see a high return on investment. By taking a little bit of time to reach out to your prospects directly, you will see a potential for growth that you might have been missing out on before.

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