How To Create Great Content For Your Website

How does one create relevant and insightful content? Here are 5 tips for boosting your SEO and digital presence through content marketing.

In the marketing world, content is incredibly powerful. While designing a sleek, responsive website is the first step to launching a business and creating a digital presence, you then must integrate a content marketing strategy to actively engage users online. Top digital marketing agencies in the U.S. know that content marketing is essential.

Of course—simply having content doesn’t suffice. Instead, you must ensure that the content is rich, informative, and direct, so your target market is cognizant of your expertise, services, products, and message. And, what’s more, if that content looks sloppy, it can actually work against you, thereby creating distance between your company and its demographic.

So, how does one create relevant and insightful content? Here are 5 tips for boosting your SEO and digital presence through content marketing.

Be Appropriately Provocative

Stress the word “appropriately,” here. You don’t want to be loose with curses, dirty humor, and other language that can come across as offensive, of course, but you do want to be edgy, witty, and bold in your word choice.

By making a statement early on, you can capture the reader’s attention, and hold it, thus increasing your chances of generating a connection or making a sale. Or, at the very least, they’ll want to browse your site for additional blog posts or pieces of content to learn more.

So, consider your target audience—are they young and hip, or a bit on the conservative side? Tailor your language to fit the demographic, but keep it light, casual, and fun, with a little bit of sass, when applicable.

Tell A Story

A compelling story can certainly spark intrigue—people love learning about history and purpose, and these two attributes can really facilitate a relationship and create greater intimacy.

When creating content, you want it to touch users, whether it’s through educational purposes, emotional investment, or from a place of understanding and similarity. And, when you’re sharing your story, you’re expressing what sets you apart from competitors in your field. Stories are unique and give an inside look into a company’s passion and soul.

Track What’s Working & What’s Not

You might notice that “listicle” formats for blogs do really well (Example: 10 Ways To Improve Your Conversion Rate.) And, perhaps some phrases in titles are more intriguing than others. (Example: “Surprising” or “Things You’re Actually Doing Wrong.”)

Monitor how well your content does online and look for specific keywords that people are searching for. Use those throughout your content body in order to enhance your SEO. And, if you can always look to see what your competitors are doing for comparison.

Leave Readers Wanting More

While you want to provide answers to the topic at hand, you don’t want to give away all your secrets. Instead, you want to leave the reader wanting more, with questions and comments that need to be addressed.

From there, the reader can access more of your work on your blog—be sure to provide links to other pieces of your writing throughout the post itself—or even leave comments in a comment box below. Take any opportunity to highlight your knowledge and reassure your audience that it’s welcome to inquire further.

Keep It Short & Snappy

People don’t have time to sit down and read an article for thirty minutes. Instead, keep your content short and to the point, where the message is understood at first glance, but interesting enough to hold the reader until the last word.

What’s more, use images and videos to break up the content and make it more viral. People love looking at designs and graphics, as it’s another form of entertainment that complements content very well. Think of them as a dynamic duo in drawing in a readership and maintaining that engagement.

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