The Most Important SEO Tips For Your Website

There are several ways to enhance your SEO on your website and improve your business. Here are the top important SEO tips to keep in mind when building and marketing

97 Switch
97 Switch
January 25, 2018

If you’re looking to boost your website’s presence and better engage with your target audience, you’ll need to make sure your SEO is structured well. There are specific topics, keywords, and questions people browse online, and if your website is set up with SEO in mind, it will more likely rank higher on search engines and be able to receive more clicks to your website.

However, if you don’t follow how search engines prefer sites to be listed, your website will less likely come up on organic search, and subsequently, you’ll generate fewer leads and inquiries. Luckily, there are several ways to enhance your SEO on your website and improve your business. Here are the top important SEO tips to keep in mind when building and marketing your website.

Make Your Website Clean & Functional

When designing your website, you should make sure there’s a theme—one that’s simple, sleek, and aligned with your company’s voice and style. When there are too many things going on, it can make the pages look messy and disoriented, and this can cause your audience to disengage.

Instead, keep your website up-to-date with the latest features to drive efficiency and simplify the user experience, and remove any irrelevant or burdensome features that might slow your website down. These could be large images, flash graphics, and music or video features.

You should also have internal links, where people can jump from an about page to a contact page, as a CTA feature that can lead to sales. And, if you have a blog, link to other blogs within each blog post to prolong time spent on your website.

Be Careful About Keywords

It’s not just about using the right keywords, but also knowing how to use them. Placement is pretty important, and you’ll want to include highly searchable but low-in-competition keywords within images, content, and permalink structure. The combination of all of these territories will maximize your visibility online. Plus, once you’ve integrated these keywords, be sure to track the progress, to see which ones are working and where there’s need for improvement.

Link With Other Websites

It’s a great idea to form relationships with similar websites or other sources of expertise that can further add credibility to your website. So, you can link to other websites that are ranked high on Google or receive lots of traffic within blog posts, for instance. And, ask that they return the favor, as well. This will boost engagement on your website, just by getting your name out from a reputable source.

Craft Content Wisely

When creating content, be sure to make the voice and tone relatable and casual—remember, you’re a human, so communicate as you would naturally to another person. Instead of making up content as you see fit, have a direction and content strategy in place. You can create a content calendar so you’re prepared and know which hot buttons to discuss during specific time periods.

And, if you write something that doesn’t really go with your website’s theme, or just might not be your best work, don’t assume it’s best to have something up than to go a week without a blog. You only want to publish high-quality, fresh content.

However, doing so regularly is beneficial, so if you’re struggling to create content yourself, you can always look into a content marketing service. Get this: A company that blogs receives 55% more website visitors and people spend 3x more time reading blogs than emails. Wow.

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