How to Foolproof Your Digital Marketing Strategy

As new challenges are always coming up, here’s how to make sure, you’re using a successful digital marketing strategy every step of the way.

97 Switch
97 Switch
September 13, 2018

When it comes to digital marketing, trends come and go, and marketing aspects such as social media, search engines (like Google), the digital tools businesses are using, and the devices people are using to interact with your business are constantly changing.

Here’s how to make sure, you’re using a successful digital marketing strategy every step of the way.

Review the Performance of All Digital Marketing Tactics

Make sure to continually review the performance of your marketing strategy, looking at how well things are going at each stage of your company’s growth. If you are working on a lot of projects, you’ll have plenty to observe and you’ll likely find a few areas that need improvement.

Likewise, if you’re not doing a whole lot, then you can think of this check-in as a kick in the rear to start making moves.

Aim to schedule a quarterly review of your strategy, where you can set up realistic goals for your business to stimulate progression.

Listen and Respond with a Personal Touch  

You can’t grow a business alone—there are people who influence your decisions and stand by yourself through the process. By listening to what people are saying, specifically on your digital marketing channels, you’ll find great opportunities to make positive changes that’ll make you more visible and accessible to your clients.

For instance, determine which topics your market likes to talk about and how they are engaging on social media outlets, like Instagram, Facebook, review sites, and more.

You’ll also want to check to see the amount of time people are spending on the various pages of your website. From there, you’ll know which pages are working well and which need some improvements to be more concise and intriguing.

And be sure to honor face-to-face meetings and phone conversations. Listening to people when they talk to you in person or over the phone will help you understand how your digital marketing plan is going and how your message and services are being viewed by your audience.

You should also read and respond to online reviews that seem to be formulated specifically for the individual. Responding to people with a personal message will allow them to feel heard—where they’ll be hopeful that their feedback will lead to positive adjustments, as well.

Tell Your Story

By reviewing your strategy and what people like and dislike about the structure, you can then incorporate such feedback into content creation in order to garner the most interest and responsiveness from your target market.

The best way to do this is to focus on telling your story, which will always be relevant and resonate with people on a personal level. It also helps develop topics for future content, all within the same voice, tone, and vibe.

Your story can lead people to understand how best to interact with you, and this will likely lead to more engaged leads, because they will feel connected to you and your company’s goals and services.

By finding the right type of customers you’re looking for through directed content, it’ll lead to growth in sales, where more customers fit within your business model.

Why This Matters

Things change. While it’s easy to keep with your old ways, out of fear or lack of time, you won’t be able to stay with the current trends and exponentially grow your business.

By reviewing your strategy, listening to the people who influence your business, and focusing on sharing your story, you will learn how to adjust based on constructive feedback and find great results.

Integrating these tactics will foolproof your digital marketing efforts, as it will keep you on the cutting edge, regardless of new tools, devices, and platform changes that are continually updated with time.