7 Ways To Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

A great website can act as your 24/7 ambassador, representing your company and mission. However, it’s what you do with your website that really matters.

97 Switch
97 Switch
January 12, 2017

A great website can act as your 24/7 ambassador, representing your company, services, and mission. However, it’s what you do with your website that really matters. Knowing how to increase your website’s conversion rate will drive your business forward, turning lead and views into tangible customers. When you have a high conversion rate, you’ll have a greater sales volume. Maintaining this correlation will help you exponentially strengthen your website UX and client book. Here are 7 ways to boost your website conversion rate.

Create Call To Actions

When someone visits your site, you should have easy accessibility for a way to receive more information, make a purchase, or contact the provider. Having a call to action on your website will engage users and steer them in the right direction towards attaining services or getting in touch. These can be in the form of a “learn more” button or “buy now” button, or you can redirect users from one page of a site to a contact page for form submission and company information.

Display Testimonials

People like seeing written praise regarding a service, as it increases confidence that purchasing a product would be advantageous. Highlight a few testimonials from diverse industries or demographics, if possible, to showcase your breadth and credibility. Knowing how to use testimonials on a website in an effective manner will generate more interest and sales.

Use Google Analytics

You won’t know what your conversation rate is or how to improve it if you aren’t using a tool to track and manage your numbers. By using Google Analytics to track your business, you’ll have more knowledge to allow you to take action and enhance your engagement, marketing strategy, and sales volume. Using data driven insights will guide your decisions towards boosting conversion rate.

Limit Your Service Options

While you might think that having more options for packages and services is better, it’s actually worse and can hinder your conversion rate. Instead, find high quality options that are simple and straightforward to the average user. Based on the paradox of choice principle, it’s harder to make a choice when there are so many variables. Select a few great services to gain sales volume.

Have A Catchy Headline

Having a punchy headline will immediately draw users in and hold their attention. By learning how to write a compelling headline on a website, you’re likely to spark interest and urge users to learn more or click on a call to action to do so. Figure out what keywords people are searching for online, and how best to boost intrigue and provide a playful or creative spin.

Use Imagery & Video

While having engaging content is key to increasing conversion rate, images and video speak loudly when it comes to keeping users interested and entertained. It’s important to know which images complement your website and your target market, and how to use video on a website to really portray your message and voice.

Don’t Ask For Too Much Information

People don’t always have time to fill out a lengthy form. Instead, keep the questions simple and direct, so users will feel encouraged to complete a transaction or contact process. Making your website easy to convert will increase conversion rate. For instance, you might be better asking for first and last name and email, as opposed to those three entities, plus location, occupation, birthday, etc.

In addition to following these steps, it’s always best to keep your website simple and easy to read. While having a great design can benefit your business and look, don’t go overboard with flashy and complicated details that might deter people from the page. Express your services clearly and concisely to get your point across and keep conversion rate steady.

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