7 Big Return Marketing Strategies For Local Businesses

When looking to expand your company, it’s helpful to have marketing strategies in place that will boost your online exposure and engage your target market.

97 Switch
97 Switch
February 20, 2017

When looking to expand your company or start a new business venture, it’s helpful to have a marketing strategy in place that will boost your online exposure and engage your target market. There are several marketing strategies that will grow your business; however, some are better than others in providing a greater return on your investment. Shelling out the cash to help move your company forward might seem risky, but as long as you’re investing in the right places, you’ll know it was worth every penny. Here are 7 excellent marketing strategies that put your money to good use.

A Responsive Website

Having a responsive website that looks good on all browser sizes will help attract potential customers, spark conversation, and exemplify your company’s mission, voice, and services. Beyond being responsive and user-friendly, the design should also be sleek and on trend with the latest times. Knowing which website trends for 2017 are forecasted can help you better appeal to your direct audience.

Blogging & Content Marketing

Having a blogging strategy in place can help grow your business, as words are incredibly powerful. By using content marketing to boost awareness and engage users through interesting conversation, you’ll draw more attention to your website and services. Blogging is a great way to increase your business’ marketing ROI and display your expertise and experience within your field.

Revised Keywords

By picking out certain keywords that are highly searchable with low competition, and keeping up to date on the latest keyword trends, you’ll be able to use SEO strategies to increase your company’s digital presence. These SEO terms and keywords will boost your company’s ranking on Google and activity amongst viewers and potential customers.


Using images within a marketing strategy is pivotal, as humans are very visual. Using photos to pair with content is a dynamic duo: where the words come to life through design and pictorial expression. Including captivating images on your website, as well as throughout blog posts, can boost the appeal of your website’s layout and your company’s services. If you sell a product, attractive product images will better exemplify what you’re really selling and why someone should want to buy it. Infographics can also be helpful in supplying tangible data and statistics to back up your company’s message and success.

Digital Ads

Having a budget for digital ads is becoming more and more important. There are a variety of strategies for digital ads, such as ads that are targeting a strong conversion rate, and others that help boost awareness of your service. Using ads can gain traction on a variety of outlets. One example outlet for digital ads can feature blog posts, which will increase traffic to your website, and can also be used to target specific search engine terms when people are searching for your business’ product or services. Knowing where to place ads and how to manage a digital advertisement strategy can match you with the greatest exposure to your defined, target market. Reviewing your target market will help define which digital media outlets to select in allocating your resources.

Social Media Content

Social media outlets are really beneficial for finding ways to connect with your audience and to keep them engaged and excited about your services. By creating a social media strategy, posting relevant content, and answering certain questions that people might have about your industry or your company’s products, you’re showcasing your knowledge and gaining more traction towards your website. People will be inclined to learn more, whether through directly messaging you or viewing some of your other blog posts. You can post images, short captions, blog posts, and other interesting news throughout various outlets, and if you have a budget, you can boost content and pay for ads across these channels.

Website Linking Referrals

By using referral traffic to get more leads, you’ll improve your company’s online presence and SEO and probably make more sales. The way this works is having other local organizations that are relevant to your business link to your website. Finding reason for other credible websites to link to your site will benefit your website exposure and online credibility. This action will improve the ranking across Google for different keywords. Furthermore, reaching out to different organizations to link to your website can establish relationships with people within your field that can be very beneficial, as you never know when you might need to collaborate on a project or pass something along.

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