6 Website Trends For 2017

The evolution of website design is constantly changing, as novel templates and technological features appear, creating website trends for 2017.

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97 Switch
December 26, 2016

With each year, there’s advancement in new and exciting business opportunities. The evolution of website design is constantly changing, as novel templates and technological features appear, creating an establishment for website trends for 2017, in order to keep up to date on the latest demands and provide the ultimate user experience.

Different businesses, restaurants, start-up communities, and organizations are popping up daily, and as with any successful launch, a responsive, modernized website can really power your business’ growth or take it to the next level. Clean and concise websites engage potential customers, spark conversation, and increase recognition over digital media. Here are 6 website trends to look out for in 2017.

Steady Use Of Flat Design

Web designers have seen in 2016 that there’s a steady rise in the need for direct, minimalistic content that really expresses an organization’s message, mission, and voice on their website. Google’s Material aesthetic is a prime example of flat design on websites. Instead of using gimmicky, complex designs, a more “flat” and simplistic approach and template will pave the way for content to shine and users to enjoy an easy, efficient way of learning more and connecting with the business.

Emphasis On Content

Web designers have become focused on providing customers with strong website content to fully express the company’s vision and goal. 2016 has shown a surge in the importance of content description; some websites might have beautiful design and use of graphics, but could be lacking in both high volume of clients and time spent on the page, due to convoluted text.

Bold Headlines

In order to hook users in immediately, use of bold, imaginative, and creative headings, right in the heart of a home or landing page, is becoming incredibly popular. Among the website trends for 2017, this feature is guaranteed to stick, as adding in unique, trendy, and catchy phrases have been shown to increase subsequent views on alternative website pages and boost intrigue in the business. Long gone are the days of #basic headings.

Increased Use Of Geometric Shapes

When Google suggests something, you go with it. In 2016, Google introduced Material design, a layout boasting geometric shapes, 3D geometric design, shadows, motion, and boldness, in order to boost website UX. This trendy, innovative template will stay strong and prevalent through the New Year, making it a clear website trend for 2017. These different features help make websites more original and interesting, which will excite potential customers.

More Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs, found in the forms of GIF’s, moving images, and animations, add complexity to a website, without losing the audience’s attention and understanding. By using cinemagraphs on websites, you take the entertainment level up a notch that accentuates the brand and provides additional personality and style. Experimenting with 3D and parallel effects will be all the rage in 2017.

Single Page Websites

Having a single page of clean text, high-quality aesthetics and graphics, and easy navigation features can often enhance website UX, as it makes it more user-friendly and modernized. People are drawn to both accessibility and beauty, and there’s a lot you can put on a single page to make it really stand out in a direct, sleek manner. This website trend for 2017 will also vastly improve SEO.

While certain businesses do require several pages, others can get away with just one. In these cases, having a one-page website design is a great option for capturing the user’s attention and transmitting your message.

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