5 Reasons To Use Blogging As A Marketing Strategy

If you’re deciding where to allocate funds for these marketing services, a blogging strategy should be high on your list.

There’s no doubt about it: putting marketing efforts into play can instantly take your business to the next level. By implementing effective marketing strategies, you’ll increase your company’s digital presence, clientele, and revenue. If you’re deciding where to allocate funds for these marketing services, a blogging strategy should be high on your list. Knowing how to use blogging to grow your business can help you reach more people, in a shorter amount of time. Here are 5 reasons why a blogging strategy is so critical.

It Drives Traffic To Your Website

Using blog posts to spark interest and engagement over social media channels will help drive traffic to your website, where potential customers can learn more about your services. Blogging acts as a CTA (call-to-action), where you give the viewer the option to travel to your website for further reads and inquiries. The more blog posts you have, the better, as an active blog will boost your business’ credibility and compel viewers to spend more time on your page.

It Enhances Your SEO

By integrating specific keywords that people are searching for online throughout your blog content, you’ll increase your company’s ranking over Google search engines and have leverage in generating more leads and sales. If you’re using a blogging strategy to increase SEO, you can take it one step further and take out ad space to target specific demographics in an expedited time frame. These ads can be placed over social media outlets, such as Facebook.

It Validates Your Expertise

By providing insight into topics relative to your industry, you’re propelling the assumption that by working with you, your customers will be in good, educated, and experienced hands. Knowing how to use a blogging marketing strategy effectively can put your company in a positive light; whether you’re writing about your products, your business relationships, your demand, or various social topics that people are searching for.

It Sets You Apart From Your Competitors

Another key reason for using a blogging marketing strategy to boost your business is that it can help drive out the competition. If your blog boasts regular, interesting content and targets your main audience by way of ads and SEO efforts, it’ll pop up more widely on Google and garner greater views. You can also look at what your competitors are talking about, write about something similar, and then push it out better; you’ll secure more website views, business leads, and sales. And for competitors who don’t use blog tactics as a marketing effort, they’re not getting nearly as much (digital) face-time with potential customers.

It Builds Relationships

If you’re writing powerful and engaging content, you’re likely to gain interest from similar people within your industry who want to work with you and forge relationships for mutual business growth, which is associated with inbound links as a marketing strategy. However, using outbound links can also benefit your SEO, as long as the sites are reputable and can enhance your own credibility.

Many SEO experts have said that outbound links can hurt your site, but that’s only if you’re linking to spam or novice pieces of writing. Instead, there are actually many benefits to using outbound links as marketing, from authentic, trustworthy sites, to further enhance your website’s SEO and marketing benefits; Google has shown positive traction between respectable sites. Think about Google itself: it pushes the viewer onto other sound pages instantly, and it’s a powerhouse. If your outbound links are high quality and within the right framework, your SEO of your site can improve.

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