5 Customer Acquisition Strategy Tips for Local Businesses

In order to spark interest, it’s imperative to use the right digital platforms, marketing techniques, and visual/written aids to attract customers.

Local businesses are constantly looking to improve their customer acquisition strategy. And, in order to spark interest, the right digital platforms, marketing techniques, and visual/written aids can make a big difference and attract customers. Here are 5 areas to focus on for improving your customer acquisition and generating more leads.

Content Marketing

Social media has changed but one thing has not – engaging content works online. With the power of social media and mobile devices nowadays, there’s immense volume that can stimulate users’ interests. Use every avenue that you can work to engage customers. Tell your story, tell your employees’, vendors’ and even your customers’ stories. If you are honest and engaging and relatable – people will take note.

And, content marketing is not just on social media. Your website is an important tool in measuring and capitalizing on your activities. Post videos and blogs on your website and then share on your Facebook or LinkedIn to drive traffic back to your website where users can learn more about your business.

Once you have blogs and other forms of content to post on social media, you can enhance the awareness by way of digital advertising. Even just on Facebook, you you can target your specific audience—looking at age demographic, location, income, and any other particulars you have in mind.

Have A Customer Friendly Website

Nobody likes to squint to read fine print on a mobile device or have to wander through several pages and links to find valuable content. By maintaining a customer friendly website, one that heightens the user experience and fit on all types of visual screens and platforms, you’ll make the process simpler for customers and be better able to retain their interest.

On top of that, when users come to your website, you can analyze activity using tools like Google Analytics to see what they find interesting. You can then use this data to optimize your website for the conversions you are looking for whether they be sales, calls, or even fill out a form.

Use Of SEO

Interlinking key SEO terms throughout your marketing content and your website’s backend can help increase your visibility on Google search. So, when customers are browsing online for terms relative to your industry, you’ll be more likely to pop up on their screens.

However, integrating main keywords alone might not be enough—instead, go a step further and target long tail SEO terms, as well. These will increase the conversion rate, generating more leads and sales. Here, you’ll narrowly check for what people are specifically looking for.

Another factor to consider in being found online is your online listings. Especially local businesses, making sure that your contact information, hours and address are correct on platforms like Google, Facebook and hundreds of other sites can help build trust and allow search engines to point your next customer your way.

Create & Use Videos

Consumers are incredibly visual, and video is becoming an increasingly important form of media online in attracting customers and generating sales, as a powerful customer acquisition strategy. In fact, year over year, video traffic is taking up more time and attention on the internet.

Creating a video for your website can immediately attract a wide audience and provide opportunity to maximize outreach on media outlets, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. What’s more, try and consistently create short clips and videos expressing the sentiments of your company, its people, and its products and services. These social media marketing platforms will enhance customer engagement.

Email Marketing

Finding a way to stay on the minds of your customers will help you acquire more, on a regular basis, and maintain optimal interaction among users. This can be achieved through targeted, email marketing strategies, as well as co-branded ads and partnerships.

For instance, creating partnerships, where an email is required by the user to participate in winning a reward (think: a contest for a product through partnership with a media outlet), is a great way to gain emails and encourage potential customers to subscribe to a personal newsletter. And make sure to have a great newsletter that will spark interest, so your audience doesn’t choose to opt out.

All of these marketing strategies can help you acquire new customers for your business. These customer acquisition marketing techniques can be learned and taught and there are so many resources to find.

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