Paid Social

We tap into the power of social media to target your ideal audience and interact with them through different ad formats, such as images and videos, accompanied by strong copy.

Create ad drafts

We craft compelling and relevant ad copy is crucial for driving clicks and conversions. By having headlines and descriptions that resonate with the target audience, we see exponential growth

Target the appropriate audiences

To help your ad dollars reach far and wide, we create specific target audiences for each ad. Using data from their profiles, ads are optimized to be shown to the most responsive users and bring you as many conversions as possible.

Reporting on ads performance

Keeping a close eye on your ads performance is essential to their success. We monitor the results achieved and continue to optimize our ad strategy for each campaign.

Boost blogs

Blogs are a great source for content on social media. After posting the link to your newest story, we can boost it to reach new audience members who have a greater chance at becoming your newest fans.

Paid Social


Q: What’s the difference between organic social and paid social?

A: Organic social includes any posts that your page makes to a platform. Paid social encompasses boosted posts and ads that you put money behind. Because social platforms algorithms are intricate, there is a time and place for both, depending on your goals, budget, and many other factors.

Q: How much money do I need to allocate to paid search for it to pay off? 

A: Each business is different, so there is no set dollar amount that will guarantee success. In general, the more you spend the further your content will go, but the effectiveness of the campaign relies on the metrics you set for your audience. We are always open to adjusting the ad spend and won’t make any changes to the budget without your consent.

Q: What’s the difference between paid social and paid search?

A: Paid social includes ads and boosted posts that are exclusive to a platform. Paid search are ads that appear when people search for related keywords to your business in Google. There are pros and cons to each, and we work with you to determine which method would work best for your needs.

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