Email Marketing

We utilize a diverse range of email formats and strategies to enthrall audiences and leverage quantifiable insights to continually improve our email conversion rates.

Segment audience

We start by separating your audience members based on their common interests or characteristics so that they can receive the best content possible for their needs.

Campaign overview

Emails work best when they are sent in conjunction with other marketing efforts to create a holistic campaign. We look at the big picture and create an email campaign that is consistent with messaging across your other digital marketing efforts.

Drafts and revisions

You should have the final say in what your business presents to the world. That’s why we make sure to send you drafts of our email creative before we show it to any customers. Your review helps ensure that the messaging is perfectly aligned with your goals.


We utilize a variety of services to schedule emails that will be sent to the exact segment we are targeting. By utilizing the best time to send emails for the highest open rates, we make sure that all your hard work is seen by the most customers possible.

Email Marketing


Q: How can you tell if my email marketing is effective?

A: There are a lot of different metrics to measure depending on your goals. Some of the metrics that we track include open rate and click-through rate, which can give us important data such as if your content is being sent to an interested audience group and if the email was designed in a way that sparked their interest.

Q: What do you send emails about?

A: This varies from business to business, depending on your goals and your audience members. In general, it’s a good idea to send newsletters out with important and relevant information such as sales, company updates, or to support other marketing efforts. It’s important to keep your segments in mind when designing the topics of an email so that you can provide value to your audience.

Q: How often do you send out emails?

A: There is a balance that you have to find when creating an email marketing schedule. Emailing more than once a week is often a nuisance, but if your business is a news outlet, then it’s expected. If your emails are promoting products and trying to create sales, then limiting yourself to a couple of emails a month is best in order to stay top of mind while avoiding a high unsubscribe rate.

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