Annika Ballestro

Graphic Designer

Annika Ballestro is a design ace with a keen eye for curious concepts (and copywriting, if you would believe it). Creative to a fault, she loves exploring and pushing the boundaries of design.

Annika believes that great design moves people to change and think differently about themselves and the world. Or it just makes them laugh. Either way, Annika believes the purpose of design is to inspire emotions that create meaningful human connections that have a positive impact on the world. 

Annika’s passion for illustration and storytelling help her build visual narratives that pack a punch, and her penchant for bold copy gives her brand designs a breath of humanity. With each creative choice she makes, Annika aims to bring life and color into otherwise two-dimensional design.

Annika is a graduate of Texas Christian University where she earned a BFA in Graphic Design. Outside of work, you can find her knee deep in an art project, reading a book with a pretty cover, or telling her cat that, no, he is not allowed to eat Cheez-its.

Q+A with Annika

How would you describe your job to a five year old?
I make pretty shapes for the internet

What was your first job?
Cashier at five below

What is your favorite part of your job?
Being able to use my creativity to problem solve

Who is your favorite Disney character?
Pip, the chipmunk from enchanted

What is the nerdiest thing you enjoy?
Playing video games I guess I don't really know what's considered nerdy anymore